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W2E: Engineered to facilitate change.

Whether you need additional doors or are looking to transition your building to another use altogether, W2E is uniquely qualified to help bring your vision to life.




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Make the most of what you already own.

As the needs of your business change, what you require of your building might shift too. So when additional doors, windows, or loading docks are required, it takes more than someone with a concrete saw. Adding (or removing) any kind of opening requires the expertise of an engineer who understands the structural components of your building…and a trained cutting crew with surgical skills.

Regardless who originally built your building, W2E’s experienced crews can assess and safely modify your structure based on the needs of your business.



Change is good.

There’s no telling what’s next…the world is constantly changing. It’s likely that your organization is susceptible to winds of change as well, including what you require of your facility. It’s not uncommon for precast buildings to be repurposed—churches become car dealerships, warehouses become office buildings, schools become churches. 

Cutting a hole in a wall sounds pretty straightforward. It’s not. Precast and site-cast panels are structural and engineered; adding a service door or window changes more than the panel’s appearance. W2E’s engineering and field crews are uniquely qualified to make safe and attractive modifications to your structure’s envelope. Enhancements range from simple windows to loading docks, man doors and other floor plan modifications. 


Cutting precast work to existing - Original Illustration


Work to Existing - Modifications Illustration


Work to Existing - Result Diagram


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